Hi all:

the eclipse was unfortunately eclipsed by big black clouds.  We were on our way to the dive boat at about 6:30; it got dark for about two minutes but that was it.  

The dive boat is quite an experience.  It’s about 24 meters long and has little or no keel; therefore going out the very long channel to the reef was verrrry rough.  We did four dives yesterday and four today Although I’m sitting out the early dive because as you all know I do much better after the coffee kicks in.  I’m learning underwater navigation, so later today, a compass dive.  I went on a night dive last night.  Quite an eerie experience, but not really scary because everyone has lights.  


The reason I’m using “I” is that Paul isn’t diving.  The dive shop needs a doctor’s written (email) approval since he’s had open heart surgery.  We called and left a message, no response.  Might be time for a new doc!! 

look for lots of pictures next time, probably Saturday.  There are rental cameras and my turn is later today.

So far, a great adventure, with lots more to come.  

Oh, one more thing.  Bats!!  They hang in the fruit trees in downtown Cairns like a flock of little vampires, then at sunset, they all take off in a silent 

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